by Autorotation

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A dusty, creeky, nostalgic song about history, family and the passing of time.

Photographs is the first track we wrote as a trio. It was inspired by Laura looking through her family history and all the old, black and white photo albums. She was intrigued by this one-way communication that spans decades: the people on the photos wanted to communicate what they did and how they lived to the generations that came later, but there's no way to communicate back. This produce a really strange, but nostalgic feeling, that we tried to convey in the song.

Laura came up with the initial lyrics and the melody and gave it to Robyn. She then embellished it and rewrote it for two voices. Her focus was to create an interplay between the two voices that is at times warm and comforting, but at other instances distant, foreign and maybe even unsettling.

The whole track came together with Igor's production where he kept the arrangement minimal, with some melodic and rhythmic surprises. The focus remained on the vocals, while the instrumentation creates a dusty, creeky, murky atmosphere that you'd find in an attic of an old abandoned house.


You live (You live on)
The pages (The pages)

Looking back (Looking back through)

But you don’t see and you won’t see, me, at all
One way glass I see you

But you don’t see, and you won’t see, in a touch of, in the sound of your, But you don’t see me your,

The sound of your voice remaining

All changing, changing, we live on. Looking back through

In a look of, in a touch of.
One way glass, I See you. I see you.

In a look of, in a touch of, in a glance of, in the sound of your voice, remaining.
But you don’t see me, at all. Back through

In a touch of, in a glance, I see, I see you.
One way glass I see you

But You Don’t See Me You Don’t See Me You Don’t See Me, at all. Unfading.

You’re voice. Unchanging. You live. You live on.

But you don’t see and you won’t see me. Where youth was not denied us.

This thing ever-lasting, evergreen where, in a touch of, in a look of, in your words. But you don’t see and you won’t see and you

In the sound of your voice.
won’t see me

Where youth was not denied us, this time everlasting, in a touch of,
Where once a love resided and now in a touch of, in the sound of, your voice.


released November 17, 2016
Robyn Sellman - vocals, arrangement
Laura Lee Tanner - vocals, lyrics
Igor Olejar - guitar, programming

Written by Autorotation. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Autorotation HQ, London, UK.


all rights reserved



Autorotation London

Autorotation are an industrial art-pop band from London. Main members,

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